Friday, September 10, 2010


We love hosting ESL students. The kids love meeting new friends from around the world. It is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures! Here is our friend Gabriel from Mexico!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Creation Day 3

Day three of creation, God created the land and trees so for our snack we made chocolate pudding with gummy worms. Again, this was the kids' favourite part of the lesson!

We then worked on our creation poster. Here the kids are gluing coloured sand onto the poster board to make grass. Find out about our poster by checking out this website.

I love letting the boys get dirty! It allows their creativity to shine through!

Creation Day 2

On day two of creation God made the clouds and water. We worked on our poster art that we are putting together for our days of creation. Here our oldest is cutting our foam in the shape of water and clouds.

Our yougnest little guy LOVES to cut things out as well!!

Our oldest working hard at cutting our clouds!

For a scnack we had water (represents the ocean) and marshmellows (represents the clouds)! This is definitely the kids favourite part of the lesson!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Creation Day 1

We started our creation unit. We started the day by reading out of a great kids Bible I have. On day one God created light and dark. My kids enjoyed hiding in the bathroom with flashlights blinking them on and off!

We began our creation poster. See for some great tips!

The next projent we are working on is a book made out of paper plates to help the kids have a visual book of the days of creation. Find this on youtube...Cullens story of creation. She has great craft ideas for kids!

The best part of creation day 1???? We had oreo cookies!! The chocolate side is for the dark and the white cream represents light! My oldest thought this was great! He told me later in the day that he wanted to learn about day 1 again tomorrow! I wonder why?!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graphing Shoes?!

Our oldest is learning to graph things. We decided to graph shoes! I had three rows, grabbed some shoes, sandals and boots, and tried to see how he would graph them. He started by putting the shoes in a graph by colour, however realized there were not enough rows, so eventually figured out that the tree groups were shoes, sandals and boots. He had a blast!!

Parallelogram Party!

Do you know what a paralellogram is?! Hmmm....had to learn what it was, I seemed to have forgotten!! My kids thought the name of it was hllarious (as you can see in the pictures!). This was their favourite workbox. We ended the math lesson with a game of go-fish. They had to count how many fish they could catch and count in Chinese. (Little did they know learning could be so much fun!!)

Magnificent Math Manipulative Moments!

We use Saxon math for our kids. It is such a great math program. I love the hands on approach, escpecially for kids who learn by doing, touching, building, creating! Here the boys are working on the letter Q.

Even our youngest enjoys participating in math lessons! Keeps him entertained while I can do more focused work with the oldest!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainbow Cake

A couple weeks ago we learned about rainbows, so to celebrate, we thought we would make a rainbow cake. The kids had so much fun! Mateo enjoyed mixing the colours and it was a great review of what colours to mix together to form a certain colour. Who thought homework would be so much fun!!

Here is where I got the recipe from!

My little guy thought he would try the batter just to be sure it was okay!

Proud of his work!!

Mixing away!!!

Ladybugs Everywhere Part 2!

We have finally finished our ladybug unit and have created a lapbook to go with our theme!

Ideas have come from:

The file folder includes:

  • A pocket for extra worksheet we have done
  • Parts of a ladybug matchbook
  • I can follow directions
  • The letter L wheel
  • A day with the Grouchy Ladybug Layer Book
  • Popsicle ladybugs for game

Ladybugs Everywhere!

We have been learning about ladybugs the past couple weeks and have finally wrapped up our lesson. We thought we'd celebrate by having a ladybug snack and create a game to go with it.

Word Block Phonics

My oldest is learning how to read, so to help him with his phonics I made a fun game for him. The idea is from and the My youngest even enjoyed learning his phonics too!!

Supplies needed:

1. wooden blocks (got mine from Michaels)
2. 3 colours of acrylic paint
3. foam paint brushes
4. Black sharpie

Thursday, June 3, 2010

File Folder Fun Tot Box

This morning my little guy ran into the homeschool area asking for homework! He just wants to keep up with his brother! I had just made this file folder found at (my favourite blog!!) My son loved it! Here is is practicing his colours in English and Chinese.

He also spent 45 minutes working on his cutting-paper skills. If only I could keep him entertained for that long ever day!!