Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Human Body Unit

We have spent many weeks learning about the human body. We have had so much fun and the kids ask to repeat this unit daily! We started off by making paper replicas of each of my kid’s bodies. It was fun for them to use this over the next several weeks to add on different organs and to visually see where they are on their paper body!!

Here the boys are working on colouring their brain.
The boys had a blast weighing their head!! My oldest thought it was funny that his head weighed A LOT more! sneaky, sneaky!)
Love the sight of the boys at work! Every day they both requested their “human body unit” to be in box one of their workboxes!! That is when I reminded them how amazing homeschooling is…..that they can pick their own homework and be excited about it!!


We learned about our kidneys.
Here they are showing you where they are! At first when I asked my youngest where his kidneys were….he pointed to his “Kid Knees!!!”
 IMG_7847 IMG_7848

Them bones, them bones!!

We learned about germs and bacteria and the importance of proper hand washing! No better one to teach this than mommy the nurse!!
STEP 1: Start with dirty hands!
STEP 2: Put soap on wet hands.
STEP 3: Scrub, scrub, scrub

STEP 4: Dry well!

STEP 5: Inspect hands and hug your brother!
We played a game where I had cut out several pictures from magazines and the internet and they boys had to put the pictures on the correct food groups. If they guessed right, they got a jelly bean!
Days like these make my heart smile and make me remember that the sacrifice of homeschooling is incredible!!! Such happy boys!!
IMG_8050    IMG_8047 IMG_8048 IMG_8049

We also had fun playing a game about the different tastes. Sweet (fruit snacks), salty (nuts), bitter (cooking cocoa), sour (lemon). I have a funny story to share. When we started this game, I had 4 bowels of the different tastes. As we were talking about our taste buds, my oldest kept interupting and wanted to try the chocolate. So, I decided it was payback! He was so excited to eat the chocolate thinking it was brownie mix, so he took a HUGE bite. He then ran into the kitchen spitting it out. I could NOT stop laughing! He learned many lessons here!! Needless to say, this game was lots of fun!!
IMG_8398 IMG_8386 IMG_8387 IMG_8388 IMG_8389 IMG_8390 IMG_8391 IMG_8392 IMG_8394 IMG_8397

The boys FAVORITE project was the Human body Paper bag project!! They finally understood were each organ on their body was!
First you take a brown paper bag and cut out a head hole and two arm holes.
Second: you use a paper towel or wrapping paper tube for the esophagus. Write “esophagus” on it and glue or tape it to the brown paper bag.
Third: Take two straws and tape them around a baggie well to ensure no air escapes when the kids blow into the bag. Label these lungs.
Fourth: Tape a bag at the end of the esophagus so when the kids drop jelly beans into their esophagus they learn that food goes into your stomach.

Fifth: Take red string and curl it at the bottom of the stomach for the intestines. The boys enjoyed taking a jelly bean and tracing the string. They realized whey it take so much time for food to pass through your stomach, esophagus and eventually through the rectum.
Sixth: Cut out a red paper heart and tape or glue it onto your brown paper bag.
Seventh: Take yellow card stock and roll them to make the spine and write the word “spine” onto the back. An option is to use large noodles, however if your kids are anything like mine…..they will bread right away!
Ta…Da!! My little robots!!

And the final project?! The boys completed the body! We have spent many weeks learning about each organ and once we learned about it, we glued on each organ to their body. What an excellent way to learn! We had so much fun!! Enjoy your human body unit and let me know what you did!


  IMG_8503 IMG_8505

Here are the websites I enjoyed using!
www.homeschoolshare.com (especially helpful for the wearable human body projent! http://homeschoolshare.com/wearable_human_body_project.php)