Saturday, November 19, 2011

A is for Apple and Autumn

As Autumn draws near a close, I thought I would update my blog and share a couple activities that we did several weeks back!!

Our family went to the corn maze and had a blast!! There were so many activities there for the kids and the weather was just perfect!

The boys loved picking their own pumpkins. A true sign of Autumn!!

We talked about the season fall and how leaves change colours and eventually fall off the trees! This ties in perfectly with their creative writing assignment this month!

My precious boys enjoying a perfect autumn day!!

Here is what my three year old had to say about being a leaf! So creative!!
Here is what my six year old had to say about being a little leaf on an oak tree. It is so exciting to hear your children tell a story. Why not write it out! It is amazing at hoe their little minds are working!!!

We spent a lot of time talking about what we are thankful for. I find that when we teach the boys about being thankful they realize how much they are really blessed with!

Daddy was on duty one day and here is what the boys made!! Awesome work daddy!!!
Apple mouths! Looks like they had fun!!!

IMG_7632 IMG_7624 IMG_7630        

We also did Apple prints!! All you need is paint, apples and a some precious little boys!!

    IMG_7321 IMG_7322
I always love to watch kids creativity! Their joy, their passion, their excitement is truly contagious!!
Our youngest also worked on his letter A activities found at my favourite site!!
We also labeled a farm picture and talked about harvest time.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

C is for Caps For Sale

We have finished our study of the book Caps For Sale. I remember reading this book when I was little and loved it!! We balanced caps on our head, made banana treats, completed a lapbook and we had fun ”monkeying” around!!
Here is our lapbook.! When I make lapbooks I usually combine my youngest child’s work (age 3) with my oldest child’s work. They enjoy each of their own sections and love putting the book together with each other since they work on them together during the day/week.
The resources are from

For this page I stapled the ziplock bag directly onto it in order to keep the small playing pieces together.

My youngest had to count the number of hats, we talked about the value of fifty cents and made monkeys!!
My oldest did a whole week long study on the book. I took all his pages of work and staples them together!
This was the fun part! I cut a part sentences from the story and my oldest had to make a cap for each sentence and then put them in the correct order to summarize the story. He loved this one!

And we tried balancing 16 caps on our heads!! This was so much fun!! We are not sure how the peddler did this in the story!
 IMG_7702 IMG_7704           

We also decided to make “monkey pops!” We put bananas on a stick, stuck them in the freezer for a couple hours.We dipped them in chocolate that I put in the double boiler. Next the kids added sprinkles to them.



Their final creation!!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

A is for Audition

My oldest and I headed to Vancouver a couple weeks ago. He had an audition for a boys toy commercial. He has been in acting classes for over a year now and just loves it!! He has been in a sitcom, done radio voice over's, been in a fashion show, local authors’ book, Christmas concerts, and  in the international campaign for Smart Technology. When the opportunity to audition for the toy commercial came up we thought it would be a great adventure!!

And we have take-off!!!
 IMG_7525 IMG_7531 

How to entertain a six year old on an airplane!


The beautiful cloud mountains!!

And action!!! Getting ready for the audition!

After the audition I thought we would enjoy a little bit of Vancouver! We went to Granville Island!
The seagull that entertained us for hours!!
My handsome boy!!
          IMG_7560  IMG_7552
We are so proud of our boy. He has an amazing work ethic, focus, determination and precious personality!!